Christmas tree cake Recipe for Your Kids

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Christmas tree cake
Christmas tree cake

I don’t feel like Christmas is near, to celebrate it I usually prepare a Christmas tree cake to complement the Christmas celebration. kids love this, and every year I always make it.

how to make it, let’s scroll down.


for the Christmas tree recipe

All-in sand mass:

200 g of plain flour

2 ½ KL Dr. Oetker baking powder

130 g of sugar

1 KL gingerbread spice

a bit of salt

125 g soft butter

3 eggs (size M)

For decoration:

130 g sifted powdered sugar

about 2 tablespoons of water

1 tbsp grated dark chocolate couverture


1. All-in-sand mass

Mix the flour with baking powder and sift into a mixing bowl. Add the other ingredients one after the other and stir until smooth with a hand mixer (stirring sticks).

Pour the mixture into a greased, floured silicone baking pan (900 ml content) and smooth it out.

Slide the mold on the grid in the middle of the preheated pipe.

  • Top / bottom heating 180 ° C
  • Hot air 160 ° C
  • Baking time: about 40 minutes

2. For decoration

Mix icing sugar with water and food coloring to a thick consistency. Spread the icing on the cake with a knife or palette. Scatter the couverture as a tree trunk. Let the casting solidify. Sprinkle a garland on the cake with sugar script and stick the sprinkle decoration to it.

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