Cutlet a fail-proof recipe

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How to make a tasty and tender cutlet, a fail-proof recipe

Cutlet recipe!

Trick number 1 – It is best to mix different minced meat: pork, beef, lamb.

Trick number 2 – I do not advise adding milk to minced meat. You need to dilute the minced meat with warm boiled water – until the consistency of thick sour cream.

Trick number 3 – Put only egg yolks in the minced meat.

Trick number 4 – The more onions you put in the minced meat, the tastier the cutlets will be.

Trick number 5 – You don’t need to add bread to the minced meat. Try adding any vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, carrots.

Fry the cutlets in well-heated oil in a hot skillet; if you like, you can use ground breadcrumbs or flour as a breading. You can form cutlets with wet hands and immediately put them in heated oil. And if you dip them in whipped protein, they will be especially tasty and juicy.

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