Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Hot Chocolate Bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs

The word is that Hot Chocolate Bombs are viral on Tiktok (but I don’t have Tiktok)

But let’s make it

– Ingredients –

  • 50 gr chocolate bar
  • To taste marshmellow
  • 1 Sachet of Ovaltine
  • Hot milk to taste

Hot Chocolate Bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs

– How to make –

  1.  Melt chocolate in a team manner
  2.  Prepare a silicone round mold
  3.  Pour melted chocolate into the mold evenly
  4.  Let stand until hardened or can be stored in the refrigerator
  5.  When it hardens, remove it from the mold slowly
  6.  Then top with marshmellow and Ovaltine
  7.  Heat the teflon / skillet on the stove
  8.  Glue the brown edges to the base of the Teflon
  9.  Then glue it to another chocolate
  10.  Pour hot milk into a cup or glass
  11.  Put the round chocolate in the hot milk and the round chocolate opens and the topping comes out
  12.  This is really good
  13.  Please Serve

NOTE: I bought the silicone round mold at the online shop shop, just type in the keyword ‘silicone round mold.

Happy Cooking

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