How to Make homemade eggnog

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How to Make homemade eggnog

I want share how to make homemade eggnog. So, let’s be real. This is more of a dessert than a cocktail, but it’s almost Christmas and we all need a yummy boozy treat, right?!

I know I do!

This is a yummy mix of peppermint ice cream, eggnog (I know it’s controversial and yes, I will be getting to all the eggnog drinks next week!) some peppermint liquor and ginger beer. And let me just say…yum!

Holiday Peppermint Punch

4 oz peppermint ice cream, softened to melted consistency

4 oz eggnog

3 oz peppermint vodka or peppermint schnapps

4 oz ginger beer, chilled

Peppermint Ice Cream, for additional scoops on top

crushed peppermint sticks for glass rim

Leave out 4 oz of peppermint ice cream until it becomes somewhere between softened and melted in consistency.

Crush candy canes and put on plate. Wet glass rims and dip in peppermint candy.

When ready to serve, divide ice cream between 2 glasses.

Add eggnog into glasses and stir.

Add in vodka and ginger beer. Stir to combine.

Add in more peppermint ice cream (optional). But, we encourage you to add more, it’s a float then, and delicious! This makes 2!


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