Mango Cheese Milk

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Mango Cheese Milk
Mango Cheese Milk 

Hello mom, back again in the recipe blog that discusses the latest recipes and is currently viral.

This time I will give you a mango cheese milk recipe that the kids will love. soft, sweet texture and fresh fruit make kids addictive yet healthy and nutritious.

let’s see how it’s made

Makes 9-10 cups * 300ml

Stuffing ingredients (just adjust to taste)

– 3 diced mango seeds

– Mango flavored jelly, make according to the instructions, cut into cubes

– Nata de coco to taste (can replace coconut nutrijell)

– Basil seeds to taste soak in water

Ingredients for milk cheese:

– 1 mango seed just take the meat

– 170gr cheese spread / creamcheese

– 500 ml full cream / uht milk

– 380 ml of evaporated milk (can use any uht)

– 80gr sweetened condensed milk (adjust to taste)

How to make :

– mix all the milk cheese ingredients then blend until well blended

– mix all the stuffing ingredients with milk cheese, then pour it into a cup container, I use cup * 300ml

– Can be eaten directly, serve cold more delicious.


– If you like the cheese to taste more friends, you can add the spread of cheese or add the grated cheddar cheese topping

Hopefully the recipe can always be useful⁣⁣

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