Quiz Puzzles And Riddles Shoes and Bottle Math

Hello connoisseurs quiz, answering a quiz is a very interesting challenge to fill our empty time, especially for you who are indeed genius and very happy to answer a difficult quiz.
Actually the above quiz is not so difficult, just we have to carefully look at the value of each image above.
To solve the above quiz, should we look at each of the values from the image above?

Here is the image value above:

  • Pair of shoes = 10, so one piece of shoe = 5
  • Cartoon characters = 5
  • Two Bottle = 4, so One Bottle = 2

Key: Cartoon character wears a pair of shoes and holds 3 bottle pieces

So the answer: 5 + (5 + 6 + 10) x2 = 5 + (21x2) = 47
The answer is 47

Congratulations to your correct answer, you are indeed a genius

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